About Us

Geopolitics.Press is an unaffiliated and independent research agency that offers insights, analyses, and commentaries on Geopolitics, Integrated Warfare, and State Strategy in the Modern World. It also publishes curated history.

Despite the “Press” postfix, Geopolitics.Press is a research agency whose work is created by a team of persons working on a voluntary unpaid basis. It is for this reason that no one is named as the author so as to preserve the collective nature of our work. Also, the editor post rotates, which explains why we cannot use the name of any of our researchers as the permanent editor.

Geopolitics.Press’ team does not freeze any of its researchers to any specific role, but instead allows for our team members to explore their abilities in other roles, and come up with new ideas and advice that will ensure that Geopolitics.Press remains:

  1. Adaptable to changing geopolitical environment.
  2. Open to new ideas and concepts.
  3. Dispassionate and non-partisan in its analyses.
  4. Equitable in terms of providing opportunities for every team member to contribute to the website.
  5. Congenial is promoting team harmony.

The goal of the team is to produce and publish quality content that enrich and add value to the existing corpus of knowledge in the domains of Geopolitics, Realism, Statecraft, and Study of Civilizations.

About Guest Posts

Geopolitics Press allows authors who are not members of the team to have their works published on the website. The modalities of guest posting are still in discussion phase, and more information will be published here when decisions are made.

Content Strategy

Content Strategy is handled by Swript.com.