From Basma to Ethiopia – How C2FC is Using Lethal Journalism to Conduct Information Warfare and Lawfare against Ethiopia

Project Basma enabled intelligence operations to be cloaked as humanitarian activism, which allowed for covert priming of Syria for regime change. C2FC is using Project Basma’s scheme to attack Ethiopia’s will for survival as a sovereign nation-state, besides priming it for either regime attenuation or regime change. Upcoming narratives will call on rebel coalition to execute regime change so as to stabilize Ethiopia as a Federal Republic, or non-belligerently break it up, while enabling the trial of Abiy Ahmed Ali in an international court.

People’s Dam Impounded, GERD-Locked Diplomacy, and Egypt’s Red Line for a Non-Deferent Ethiopia

Ethiopia is committed to filling GERD and bringing its electricity generation plants online so that it can have exportable power. It is engaged in resource diplomacy, while refusing to show deference to the Biden Administration and Egypt, a nation that fears GERD will turn millions of Egyptians into jobless climate migrants.

Infernal Peace in Ethiopia: Scenario Generation, Muslim Brotherhood, and Electricity for Peace


Ethiopia must acknowledge that Egypt, with US support, is committed to restricting Ethiopia’s use of the Blue Nile. Similarly, Ethiopia should strive to build a dependable regional alliance through promotion of collective security, as well as exploit political factionalism in the US in awareness that GOP can win the mid-term elections, and the Biden administration can be a one-term presidency.

How Enhanced Political Warfare that Failed against Xi Jinping is being used to Weaken Ethiopia

ENDF soldiers stand in formation in Baidoa, Somalia, as they await induction into AMISOM. Geopolitics.Press

Ethiopia is being subjected to augmented political warfare that uses information warfare, coercive diplomacy, propaganda war, economic warfare, and kinetic operations to weaken the government and seed domestic uprising. For now, it has forced the government to cede Tigray to a non-state actor.